we are invested in building online businesses.
Kaya Branding Co.
is an assembly of e-commerce brands & apps

With unprecedented progress in the way we shop online, large gaps exist in the delivery of consequential & genuine experiences to consumers. We wholeheartedly strive to fill these gaps.

At Kaya Branding Co., we believe magic happens when technology & communication work together in unison.


  • anticipating what people want & when they need it,
  • interacting with them in a meaningful way, and
  • leveraging technology to simplify how they do things

... we can transform the customer journey.

Who is Kaya Branding Co.?

We are a team of passionate technologists, marketers, & coffee lovers based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Combining years of technology and digital marketing chops, paired with a whole lot of passion & heart,

Proudly a Canadian Company